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Letter to the Ephesians

For the next several of weeks, I will be working on the book of Ephesians. This letter covers a wide variety of topics just in six chapters. I have posted a basic outline below. Hope everyone is encouraged by this study. God Bless, Justin


Theme: The relationship of Christ to His Church

Author: Paul wrote this letter to the Ephesians.

Date: This is one of the four "Prison Epistles" written from Paul's Roman imprisonment, A.D. 61 - 63, the others being Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon. Three of these were written at the same time, and carried by the same messengers (Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon).

Chap. 1:1-23 Christ the Head of the Church

Chap. 2 & 3 The Church Is The Body of Christ, Jew and Gentile are one

Chap. 4:1-16 Unity of the Spirit Makes One Body

Chap. 4:17-32 Live The New Life

Chap. 5:1-21 The New Walk

Chap. 5:22-33 Husband and Wives Conduct

Chap. 6:1-24 Conduct of the Believers

Chap. 6:1-4 Children's Conduct

Chap. 6:5-8 Servants Conduct (Employees Conduct)

Chap. 6:9 Masters Conduct (Bosses/Managers Conduct)

Chap. 6:10-22 The Armor of God

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